Bil Log

Keep track of the cost of your car and your driving economy

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This app helps you to get an overview of the cost of your car.
At the moment you can:

  • Enter your fueling operations and keep track of your spending.
  • See mileage graphic.
  • Register payments like service, wash etc.
  • Backup to google drive (In App purchase)


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Fun, colorful and addictive memory game. That trains your short term memory.
Visual Short Term Memory –> Vi + S + T + ory = Vistory
5 levels in 3 different card game modes.

  • Pair game where you have to locate pairs in least moves.
  • Sequence game is where you short term memory really is pushed to the edge. You have to remember from 6 to 20 cards positions. But don’t be alarmed, you can get a peak for 5 points, to help you through.
  • Match-Up, where you have to remember the location of the cards, the computer will show you one at the time, which you must tell where on the table the matching card is positioned.